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BPM and Chris Stapleton Sell Out Turner Field with 50,247

When excluding Opening Day games, playoff games and games played at the end of the season with major playoff implications (ie only counting standard regular season games), you have to go back to July 18, 2009, to find a game with higher sales.  That game also had a BPM booked and produced postgame concert featuring the hottest band of the summer, All-American Rejects.

May 29, 2016 (Atlanta, GA) - Ballpark Music helped sell out Turner Field with the addition of the Chris Stapleton postgame concert.  The Braves hosted in Marlins in a game that was only projected to sell between 20,000 - 24,000 prior to adding the concert.  The final sales total of 50,247 resulted in the highest sales since Opening Day of 2014.  Beyond the record attendance, 2,000 field passes sold out months prior to the show.  The financials of the show helped the Braves realize more than $1MILLION in revenue. 

"Our goal is to bring the best musicians in the world to play after games to help teams increase revenue and maximize profits," said Ballpark Music owner Brandon Bissell.  "Chris Stapleton played an amazing show and the Braves had their best ticket sales day of the season.  This show paid for their entire concert series."

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